The special operation mode that the Department has introduced, “one professor, one project group” resulted in and is resulting in many novel research programs and variety of outstanding fruits. It was here where the first fully home-made medical X-ray tube was produced; it was here where the first domestic simulate computer was established;it was here where the secret of the beautiful colors of the peacock feather was revealed; and it is here where the boundless mystery of the superconductivity and graphene, and many interesting problems in theoretical physics are being explored and studied.

The Department is in charge of variety of scientific research programs, including 4 of 973 projects, the total year grant has grown up to RMB 60 million, serving the national development and social progress. The faculty of the Department had the honor to win three times the second prize of the National Natural Science Prize. The Department has already made itself one of the top domestic physics departments, with the huge research outlay, the high level of the scientific papers published and the excellence of the finished research projects.