Cosimo Bambi
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Cosimo Bambi



Ph.D.(2007), Ferrara University, Italy

Tel: +86-187-21711498


Website: Link


2003 Laurea in Physics, Florence University (Italy)

2007 PhD in Physics, Ferrara University (Italy)

2007-2008 Postdoc, Wayne State University (Michigan)

2008-2011 Postdoc, IPMU, The University of Tokyo (Japan)

2011-2012 Postdoc, LMU Munich (Germany)

2012-2013 Young Professor, Fudan University

2013-present Professor, Fudan University


Teaching and Research Interests:
Teaching: general relativity

Research interests: Black holes, tests of general relativity and of modified theories of gravity, high energy astrophysics, X-ray astronomy


Selected Publications:

1.C. Bambi, Testing black hole candidates with electromagnetic radiation, Rev. Mod. Phys. 89, 025001 (2017)

2.   C. Bambi, A. Cardenas-Avendano, T. Dauser, J.A. Garcia and S. Nampalliwar, Testing the Kerr black hole hypothesis using X-ray reflection spectroscopy, Astrophys. J. 842, 76 (2017)

3.   Z. Cao, S. Nampalliwar, C. Bambi, T. Dauser and J.A. Garcia, Testing general relativity with the reflection spectrum of the supermassive black hole in 1H0707-495, Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 051101 (2018)

4.   A. Tripathi, S. Nampalliwar, A.B. Abdikamalov, D. Ayzenberg, C. Bambi*, T. Dauser, J.A. Garcia and A. Marinucci, Towards precision tests of general relativity with black hole X-ray reflection spectroscopy, Astrophys. J. 875, 56 (2019)

5.   C. Bambi and K. Freese, Apparent shape of super-spinning black holes, Phys. Rev. D 79, 043002 (2009).