General Information

The 1st Shanghai Risk Forum (SRF)

Risk Management & Stable Investments

December 19, 2015

The purpose of the forum is to promote the research and exchange of ideas in risk management and stable investment in China. The 2007-2009 financial crisis in the United States and the 2015 Chinese stock market turmoil highlight the importance of risk management and the growing need for stable and smart investments.  

The six founding and participating institutes are Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, East China Normal University, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, and Shanghai Finance University.  Each of the six universities will rotate to host the annual forum. The hosting university will be responsible for all expenses, however universities may find one or more industrial partners to sponsor the annual forum. The committee decides the next hosting university at the end of each annual meeting.

The format of the Forum will be primarily composed of presentations and discussions. The committee solicits and selects 6 papers. Each paper has 45 minutes: 25 minutes go to the presenter; 15 minutes go to the discussant; and the audience has 5 minutes for questions. Each participating university contributes a paper, a presenter, a discussant, and a group of audience. We encourage junior faculties to present papers and have senior faculties discuss papers.

Best paper award will be given to the winner/winners of the Best Paper in the amount of RMB 5000.

Participants are welcomed. We invite faculties and students from other colleges or universities in Shanghai or outside Shanghai to participate in the forum and become member institutes.

Others activities: Establish an organization on financial risk management. We hope that more activities will be hosted by the organization.

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    School of Economics, Fudan University


    Ms. Duan

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